Every single night I get to fall asleep next to my best friend that loves me more than I will ever know. And every single night he holds my hand tightly and lays it against his heart. If this were to ever end, I would be content. Because at least I know what it was like to love someone.


For her latest series ‘We’ve Gone Commercial’ Edith Bergfors’, a photographer based in London, worked together with creative director Matthew Holroyd for the amazingly satirical magazine, ‘Dis’. It shows split photographies which remind us of fashion commercials. The artists explain: ‘We were looking at stock imagery and wanted to pull in some of the recurring elements, and then deconstruct them quite literally. Stock imagery has that wonderful dullness to it, and we wanted to embrace it wholly and humorously, appropriating it into our own versions.’

(via pixie-dicks)